New Probes: An Overview

We got a ton of great submissions to our Ultimate Probes Challenge, and we would expect nothing less from the InterMapper community. We’ll highlight a few of them in this post. Feel free to explore the rest of the entries on the InterMapper website.

Riverbed Steelhead WAN Optimization Appliance
This probe monitors Riverbed Steelhead WAN optimizer appliances. It outputs specific Riverbed metrics such as reduction percentage (in/out), reduction amount per port, and number of processes and peered devices.

“The built-in reporting interface for Riverbed is nice, but it’s a pain to have to log into each one individually to get per device status,” explained Xerox’s Stephen McDonald, the creator of the probe. “Riverbed CMC product can do this—but at extra cost of course.”

Spectracom EC20S Epsilon Clock
Peter Wahlberg from Media Netwerk AS in Oslo sent us a probe that monitors parameters for GPS synchronization units. It checks whether a device has signal lock or enough visible satellites, plus it reports on hardware status (power supplies, modules) and provides information about latitude, longitude, altitude, and current time.

Media Netwerk AS uses this probe on its DVB-T SFN network to ensure that devices are synced and TV signals are maintained. The probe notifies them if synchronization is problematic, giving them time to reconfigure it.

Brocade ADX CPU
Debbie Fligor from the University of Illinois submitted a probe that monitors the MP and LP CPU values for a Brocade ADX load balancer. “We needed to monitor (and graph) the CPU for the main processor and especially the BPs, which are the processors that do the L4-7 specialty stuff in the ADX, to ensure that we had licensed enough BPs,” said Fligor. “The solution was to make a probe that gathers those values via SNMP and display them in a useful format.”

MailFoundry Email Filtering Appliances
As its name suggests, this probe monitors MailFoundry email appliances. It examines the HTTP status built into a MailFoundry email security device and looks at parameters such as when antivirus software was last updated and the current utilization of the databases and mail queue.

One of the benefits of this probe is that it enables real-time, unattended monitoring of the system. Otherwise, the only way to check these parameters would be to log in and do so manually.

These are a small sample of the 42 probes we received. I encourage you to check out all our free probes to see if there is one that can work for you. Thanks to everyone for sharing these great probes!


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